iPod Mini
Which color should I get? I'm thinking pink. Do I go with the laser engraving? I have a couple of weeks to decide.
Mary Prankster will be in Fairfax on February 14.
  Redneck Martinis All Around
Tallahassee is starting to grow on me. My co-workers and I enjoyed a nice sushi meal last night with Redneck Martinis for everyone. I don't remember all of the ingredients that make up a Redneck Martini, but I do know that there was Jack Daniels and a cherry involved.
  Loserville. Population: me.
This is sad. Although I do feel a little better about myself knowing that this service exists. If there is just one person who uses this, that means that there is at least one person on this planet who is a bigger loser than me. I find comfort in knowing that I'm not the world's biggest loser. I can live with second place.

Yeah, so it's Saturday night and I'm freakin' blogging. I'm staying in because I am too damn tired to go out. And I need to pack and clean my apartment. What a loser. Back to Tallahassee tomorrow. Oh boy.
  One More
Add Starbursts to the list.
  Still in Tallahassee
For some reason the people who keep my office stocked with food and soft drinks seem to think that we also need a candy supply. This isn't just any candy supply. Over the past couple of days I have kept a log of the candy I see in the Candy Box as I search for MilkyWay Midnights. Here is what is currently in stock down the hall:

Baby Ruths
MilkyWay Midnights
Black Twizzlers
Red Twizzlers
LifeSaver Mints
LifeSaver CremeSavers
Chocolate TasteTations
Caramel TasteTations
Starlight Mints
3 Musketeers

(We had Almond Joys and Mounds last week. They go pretty fast.)

How did this elaborate candy supply come to be? When will the sugary treats cease to be stocked? At some point someone will surely see that this has gotten out of control and will put a stop to it. But when? I better go hoard MilyWay Midnights before it's too late!

I miss blogging. I don't have time to write any sort of entertaining or meaningful post right now, but I promise to try to do so in the near future.

Current temperature in Tallahassee: 32 degrees
The place my company made me eat at last week: The Silver Slipper

Try to control your envy.
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