Goth kid for a night
I was a little embarassed to admit that I was going to Alchemy last week, but I must say that I had a lot of fun. My brother was in town from Tampa and wanted to go to the goth clubs here. Being the cool big sister that I am, I took him (NM also came along for the fun). DJ Solaries threw down an excellent set of 80s and 90s goth with a few odd tracks skillfully tossed in ("I Wanna Be Like You" from the Jungle Book soundtrack inspired a conga line). I'll be back again one of these Thursday nights--and not just for the open bar from 9-10.

While hanging with my brother on Thursday night, I learned that he knows this guy from the clubs he goes to in Tampa. It's a small world after all.
  I'll be your best friend if you see Fahrenheit 9/11 this weekend
Say what you will about Michael Moore. We all know that he gets a little whacky at times. Yes, he sometimes throws logic and reason out of the window when making his arguments. But, gosh darn it, you gotta love the thesis that underlies each of his films: Americans should wake up and realize that it sucks hard when rich people screw over average folks.

Buy your tickets now for Friday's nationwide release of Fahrenheit 9/11. The 7:35 and 8:15 screenings are already sold out at E Street.

Go see this film and get angry at the Bush family all over again.

The Franz Ferdinand show at 9:30 Club on Sunday was fantastic. Glad that I got to catch them before they left the country for the next couple of months. They will be back in the states in September for the Austin City Limits Festival.

Check out my review of Washington Social Club's Catching Looks over at betterPropaganda. They're on their national tour right now and will be back in the DC area on July 10 opening for Phantom Planet at 9:30 Club. Be sure to check them out.

  Free stuff
Check out Defy's Summer Swag Hookup. Five cool prizes available, including a Sony Hi-Fi Stereo. Go register to win right now!
The Suicide Girls Live Burlesque show at 9:30 last night was fantastic. The ladies entertained the crowd with good, old-fashioned T&A, cute costumes and a classic soundtrack ("Goldfinger," "Mrs. Robinson," "Feel Like Making Love," etc.). The stage was bare and the songs originated from a CD Walkman circa 1995. The low-tech vibe of the production added to the fun. The props included a hula hoop, buckets of gold flakes and whip cream and chocolate sauce (for the finale). Check out tour dates and catch the Suicide Girls in a club near you. You can read a brief history of burlesque here.

Pictures of the show will be on Defy in the next week or so.
  Ray Gun
The following is courtesy of the Politics and Prose Newsletter. I would totally go, but XXX, Inc. is not observing the very special day of remembrance for our most beloved president. That's what I get for working for a big, evil corporation.

Ray Gun: Remembering Ronnie
You are invited to party hardy at Visions Bar Noir in the spirit of the 80s on Friday,
June 11th, from 12 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Visions Bar Noir announces a special event in response to Friday's National Security
Event ordained for Ronald Reagan's remembrance. Join up with friends to discuss
the real highlights of the Reagan era: STAR WARS - BITBURG - IRAN CONTRA - AIDS

In the Theatre: Free Movies on the big screen!
12:30 p.m. Bedtime for Bonzo (1951)
2:30 p.m. The Killers (1964)

In the Lounge: Music, Drinks, Film and Fun
-Video DJ featuring a psychedelic sensory collage of current news by Noskilz Sound
-Reagan Bloopers
-80s Music: Ramones, The Clash, The Cure and more!
-$3 Drink Specials: The Gipper, Bonzo and the Jean Dixon
-$6.50 "Wein" BURGERS

Co-Sponsored by the DC Independent Media Center
DC Indymedia Center Official Website:

Three more days until I go camping with my crew! I have not been in my tent since October when I camped at Janes Island State Park. We will avoid getting eaten by wild horses at Assateague this weekend. I look forward to lounging on the beach, catching up on the current issue of Bust and reading Mark Twain's Roughing It. I will also throw some new tunes on the iPod to enjoy per NM's suggestions.
  War, art and more
I survived the WWII Memorial dedication on Saturday. Who had the bright idea to make 100,000 80-year-old people sit in the sun for three hours? And that was after making them walk at least half a mile to get to their seats since all of the major roads were closed and the event shuttles refused to stop where they were supposed to stop to pick passengers up. Other than that, it was a nice ceremony and my granddaddy enjoyed himself.

Please join me in welcoming DC Art News to the blogroll. Local art news at its best.

I have a few self-plugs. I'll start with the most exciting . . . My March entry on Skyr has been linked from an Icelandic marketing site. Click on "Tourist tales" for the link. You can read my interview with Brandon Flowers from the Killers at Defy. While you're at Defy, check out some of my shots from HFStival here.
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That's me spinning at bluestate (photo credit: BV).



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