The Hard Tomorrows
With the right marketing team and a lot of cash behind them, the Hard Tomorrows could blow up big time this summer. I caught their show at Black Cat backstage last night and was reminded of their talent. They have a great guitar player, great drummer and great catchy tunes that will appeal to a wide audience if they're given the opportunity to tour nationally and get some radio play. NM has some great shots from the show. If you haven't heard their music, download "Put Yourself Out" on betterPropaganda.
  An Evening of Russian Culture
Living in D.C., I get to take advantage of myriad cultural experiences. Last night's activity was an introduction to Russian night out on the town in Baltimore. NM invited me and a few others to join her and her family at Europe. We were told that the night would include an assortment of hot and cold appetizers, entrees, desserts, vodka and dancing to a cover band and/or DJ. I was not dissappointed. The food was delicious, the company delightful and the music super Russiantastic--the techno, half-English, half-Russian cover of "Sweet Dreams" was my second favorite (the two versions of the song about Kiev tied for first place). As the toasts continued, I became more and more adept at understanding Russian and entertained myself by translating the songs to the non-Russian speakers. There was one about a young girl finding a new path for her life, but missing the loved ones she left behind. Another was about a man who lost his violin and was very sad. The pictures below tell the story of the evening. I highly recommend finding yourself some Russian friends and heading up to Europe.

  Art tonight
Stop by the WVSA ARTiculate Gallery tonight between 5:30 and 7:30 for the opening of "The Art of the Indigenous Peoples." The event is free and open to the public. Don't forget to pick up some holiday cards from the gallery shop while you're there.

  Tuesday Morning Songs
Two lovely songs, courtesy of Sub Pop Records:

Rosie Thomas, "Two Dollar Shoes"
Rosie Thomas, "I Play Music"
  New Tunes
A copy of Fiery Furnaces' new compilation of B-sides and whatnot, EP, arrived in my mailbox Saturday. According to iTunes, I've played it four times now. I'm really digging it. This is my first real introduction to Fiery Furnaces. I've heard the odd track here and there, but this is the only time that I've really listened to their music. I'm definitely interested in checking out their earlier stuff and look forward to their next album, which they're recording with their grandmother, in 2005. I like their mix of ethereal keys, simple drums and guitar, pretty vocals and interesting lyrics. They remind me a bit of Mates of State. Here's the track list for EP. You can buy it on January 11.

1. Single Again
2. Here Comes The Summer
3. Evergreen
4. Sing For Me
5. Tropical-Iceland
6. Duffer St. George
7. Smelling Cigarettes
8. Cousin Chris
9. Sweet Spots
10. Sullivan's Social Slub
  Ted Leo/Rx--Dec. 2
Not much to add to NM's review of the show. I admire the band's mad skills, but the live performance didn't do a whole lot for me. Here're the pics:

  Click it
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