Wilco @ 9:30
Yeah, I know. I should have been into Wilco a really long time ago. However, I just never took the time to listen to their music and develop an appreciation for what they do. I finally got the chance to do so last night (after Ben told me a couple of weeks ago, "you're going to the Wilco concert!"). Even though I was still sick and tired and it was snowing out, I managed to make my way to 9:30 just in time for Wilco's opening song. I was blown away by their performance and energy. And I really liked the projected images on the screen behind them. Quite nice to look at during the extended guitar riffs. My Dayquil haze prevented me from remembering to grab my camera on the way out of my apartment. Oh well. There are plenty of nice pics of the show out there. See a couple here and here on Harmany Music. If you missed the concert, or want to listen to it again, you can stream it on NPR's All Songs Considered until March 24th.
  Because I'm Addicted to Cheese
The WaPo takes a look at iPod culture in today's paper. NM and I are caught drinking greyhounds and talking about music and our iPods. You can download the song I reference, "(I Gotta Disease) I'm Addicted to Cheese" by the Evaporators, from Alternative Tenancles.
  bluestate @ Cafe Saint-Ex

Thanks to all who came out to bluestate last night. I had a lot of fun--despite my cold. Here's my set list (with a couple of mp3s).

Super Cat, "My Girl Josephine"
Raveonettes, “Heartbreak Stroll”
Jason Falkner, "Photograph"
The Dandy Warhols, "We Used to Be Friends"
The Fiery Furnaces, "Tropical Ice-land"
Visqueen, "Look Alive"
Metric, "Combat Baby"
The Killers, "Mr. Brightside"
Joy Zipper, "Out of the Sun" (download)
Of Montreal, "So Begins Our Alabee"
Clinic, "T.K."
United States Of Electronica, "Climb The Walls (Umbrella Of Love)"
Kanda, “Arctic” (download)
  No DJ Duff for Me
Yeah, so, Hilary Duff totally out-hipstered me this weekend. I was in NYC for part of the long weekend, but was too sick to party like a teen popstar. Instead, I partied like the old lady I am: one night, two clubs, three bands and back at my friend's apartment drinking hot chocolate at a decent hour. That was just fine with me (and my runny nose). I really enjoyed Baker, The Bristol Fashion and The Cause at the Continental on Sunday night. And the Continental happy hour is pretty darn good--vodka cocktails for $2.25 until 8pm. The pics below are of Baker and the Cause. I wish that I could find a Web site for Baker. There isn't one listed on the Contintental's site. If anyone knows more info about this band, please send an e-mail to me at weirdcurves [at] gmail [dot] com.



The Cause
  It's almost time to buy those espadrilles
Wednesday's near-60 degree weather made me very happy and inspired me to start thinking about shopping for spring clothes. In just a few weeks, I'll start filling my bags with cute sandals, brightly-colored tanks and floral-printed sun dresses. In my effort to support independent business owners and artists, I'll head to the online stores below to update my wardrobe.

Hannah really does add love to the adorable skirts and tops she makes for lady folk over at Made with Love by Hannah. Her styles are pretty and easy to wear.

Jill Licata created to provide the Tribeca boutique shopping experience to women around the world. The site includes pieces from more than 35 designers from New York, L.A., Boston and Miami. Three shopping assistants are available as guides through the hundreds of designs. Take a quiz when you log on and find out your best match—Lela (party girl), Jackie (urban minimalist) or Ravin (romantic bohemian with a funky edge).

The designs of Amet and Sasha are clean and simple with complementing elements thrown in to make the pieces unique. Skirts and tops available on the site for women will go from that class or day job to your favorite concert with no problem.

Load up on hipster wear for guys and gals at Cut + Paste. Lots of silk-screened T-shirts and fun tops. However, be prepared to see "sold out" next to many items. The unique DIY styles go fast and are not restocked all that quickly (if at all).

So Charmed offers jewelry made from vintage charms, buttons and beads. Influenced by her love of music, Jodi Bloom creates hand-crafted charm bracelets out of her Takoma Park, Md., workshop. Her vivid pieces are divided into categories with names including pop, rock, soul, swing and electronica. In addition to her variety of charm bracelets, Jodi also offers earrings, handbags (inspired by classic cars) and manly versions of her bracelets.

Gauchita and 31 Corn Lane offer bags to suit those who want something pretty and functional that will last through many nights of dance parties.
  Jukin' on a Wednesday night
iPod Jukebox at Saint-Ex last night was a lot fun, as usual. NM, DC tastemaker, provides a complete recap here. I chose an electronica set for my turn:

United States of Electronica, "Emerald City"
Of Montreal, "So Begins Our Alabee"
New Sense, "Outside Chance" (download mp3 here)

There's something about electronic music that I associate with summer. I guess I was inspired by the recent warmer weather to get a jumpstart on the music that will dominate my iPod in the next few months. BTW, I predict that you'll hear a lot of United States of Electronica this summer. Their lyrics are light and positive ("I got more love than anyone could ever wish for" and "Who doesn't want to feel happy under the umbrella of love?") and the synthy vocals are very retro.
  Art stuff
WVSA's ARTiculate Gallery hosts the opening of "Rock and Roll is Here to Stay" this Thursday from 5:30 to 7:30. The opening reception is FREE and open to the public. If you're feeling generous, $10 will get you access to the super cool VIP happy hour where Marshall Plan will play and you'll have access to a beer/wine/soda open bar. The gallery is conveniently located (for you downtown worker bees at least) at 16th and L Streets, NW. You'll have plenty of time to stop by on your way home from work, have a glass of wine, listen to some live music and make it home in time for The O.C.

Speaking of art, I highly recommend the Andre Kertesz exhibit at the National Gallery. The retrospective includes simple snapshots, elegant urban landscapes and interesting Dali-esque manipulations.
  Fivefour @ DC9
Even though it was cold and a Sunday night, I managed to drag my butt out to see Fivefour at DC9. NM turned me onto them when she played them at bluestate last month. I really enjoyed their set and will definitely check them out again. They remind me a little of 10,000 Maniacs, but more fun.

"SG" mp3
"Eurotrash" mp3


And don't forget to enter this week's bluestate contest for Love of Everything's Total Eclipse of the Heart. Entries must be sent by 11:59 p.m. tomorrow.
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That's me spinning at bluestate (photo credit: BV).



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