Are You Feeling My Disco?
I'm really digging 33Hz this week. They're very disco-meets-Brooklyn-hipster. You can listen to the four songs from their EP on Myspace (my fav is "Digital Lover"). They'll be at DC9 on May 12th to support the release of their debut full-length CD that comes out at the end of April.
  Happy Stuff
If you haven't read the new issue of Bust, go get it now. I thoughly enjoyed reading it during my commute yesterday. There's an interview with Amy Sedaris by Maya Rudolph that made me love Sedaris even more than I did before I picked up the magazine. I also got some good reminders about finding time to pursue my creative interests while holding down a day job in the article, "Wage Slave." Reading Bust makes me so happy.

Speaking of being happy, I've been listening to these two singer/songwriters to perk me up during D.C.'s recent gloomy days:
Luke Temple--"Someone, Somewhere" mp3
Andrew Morgan--"Supine on the Covers" mp3
  Joy Zipper
In an effort to make the content here on WeirdCurves a bit more interesting, I’m adding interviews to the regular posts about my stories of going to shows, shopping and being tired most of the time. The first interview, with Tabitha Tindale of Joy Zipper, follows. Enjoy!

I caught up with Tindale on Wednesday afternoon just after she and Vinny Cafiso (the other half of Joy Zipper) landed in Austin for SXSW. My time slot with her got bumped by Rolling Stone, but Tindale was kind enough to call me back after that interview ended. She was perky and bubbly throughout our conversation—although, she was certainly eager to get off the phone and get involved in the SXSW action. “I’ve been giving interviews since I got off the plane. I keep forgetting that I’m in Austin.” When asked about what she expects at SXSW, she responded with, “We’ve never been here before. Our friends have always done it. We’re interested in seeing what it’s all about.”

The New Yorkers are touring the U.S. and Canada now promoting their second album, American Whip. There was a delay in releasing their second album after some problems with their original label. It’s been out in the U.K. since March 2004, allowing them to build a large fan base across the pond over the last year. They’re already releasing their next album there in June.

I’ve read a few articles that compare Joy Zipper to Meg and Jack White; however, I find that association rather erroneous. Yes, the band is composed of a man and a woman who make great rock music, but the styles of the two bands are notably different. Mates of State come closer to the sound of Joy Zipper in my opinion. Tindale describes Joy Zipper’s music as having a “dreamy quality, but also some darkness and nostalgia.” With their sophomore album, Tindale says that she and Cafiso are “more focused and evolved as writers and producers.” Their debut album was composed of demos and 4-tracks that they cobbled together. As they worked on American Whip, they were “more aware of making a full album.”

Even though the release of their CD was delayed in the U.S., Tindale is optimistic about the timing. “This is the right time for American Whip to come out in the U.S.” She goes on to observe that “people are open to listening to positive music right now.”

When asked about her own listening habits, Tindale admits that she and Cafiso are not up-to-date on the latest music. “We haven’t listened to any new music lately. The last CD we bought was Granddaddy and that was, what, two years ago.” While Tindale does have an iPod (a birthday gift from her mother and loaded up with tunes by a friend), she uses it for convenience on the road, rather than downloading the newest tracks. “The iPod is a convenient way to listen to classic favorites while on the road. We usually listen to CDs at home. Jimmy Cliff, Beatles, Pixies. Whatever is on top of the pile.”

Interested in what Joy Zipper sound like? Download "Out of the Sun" from American Whip here. No D.C.-area dates are scheduled for the current Joy Zipper tour, but be on the lookout for them coming here soon.
  Hot Hot Sex Workers
Hot Hot Heat did not disappoint last Friday night at 9:30. Steve Bays bolted from one side of the stage to the other for the entire set--with a couple of stops at the keyboard. I don't remember seeing a crowd so energetic since the Killers show a few months ago. I'm not the biggest HHH fan, but still had a really good time. Louis XIV were fine, but didn't blow me away. (pics of HHH and Louis XIV below)

The Sex Workers' Art Show was as entertaining as I anticipated and even more interesting. What I didn't expect was the crowd. Black Cat backstage was totally packed with a much more diverse group of people than you'll find there most of the time. The artists were raw and genuine. It was obvious that each knew how to be a great performer, but didn't care about breaking the fourth wall or other stage rules. As Chelsea Starr read one of her stories, she stopped suddenly to say "hi" to someone in the audience she recognized. After the quick greeting, she resumed her story. She noted how unprofessional that was, but just giggled that apology away. For all of the artists, it seemed as if they were really trying to communicate with the audience instead of putting on a show. Their industry demands that they perform and create a fantasy all the time, so it makes sense that they would want to performing while participating in this show. If any group of people understand how phoney performing is, it would be them. I got the sense that they wanted a break from being performers and enjoyed showing the audience how they really feel about topics like race relations, pop culture images of women, gay marriage and corporate workers.

My favorite artists of the evening were Chelsea Starr and Nomy Lamm. Starr told stories about her work in a peep show and as a dancer. Her attention to detail, while a bit gross at times, gave her stories a depth that most people outside of the sex industry would never understand. Lamm played the accordian and sang songs between telling stories of her experience as a phone sex worker.

Louis XIV

Louis XIV

Hot Hot Heat

Hot Hot Heat

Hot Hot Heat
  The Week Ahead
After this week of going out every evening, I'm taking it down a notch next week. A girl's gotta sleep and that TV ain't gonna watch itself. Tonight's DCist happy hour, a birthday party and the HHH, LXIV and WSC show will end my five-day run of late nights. The highlights of next week include the Sex Workers' Art Show at Black Cat (I really have no idea what to expect with that, but I'm anticipating being entertained) and bluestate at Cafe Saint-Ex.

Speaking of bluestate, it's that time of the week when you find out about the latest contest.
  NM and I are Famous in Germany
That's right. NM and I are really popular in Germany. Or, at least we will be when our segment about iPod culture airs on ARD (the German equivalent to BBC) on Friday morning. Okay, so, maybe the segment wasn't exactly about us, but we were interviewed on camera a couple of times when we went to Cricklewood Massive's iPod Jukebox last night at Cafe Saint-Ex. We enjoyed talking to the Germans, who were very cool, about what iPods mean to us. BTW, iPod Jukebox is still a lot of fun, despite the recent hype. You should check it out next month.
  Free Wilco EP
Did you purchase Wilco's A Ghost is Born CD? If so, you can get five new tracks for free by clicking here, inserting your CD and following the instructions. The CD is being re-released in Europe with five new songs. Since Wilco are so nice, they're not making US folks buy a whole new CD to get the tracks.
  Beauty Deluxe
Rachel Flotard was looking a lot more glam last night at Black Cat than when I saw Visqueen at Velvet Lounge a few months ago. However, she still rocks as hard as ever. The band's set list was heavy with tracks from Sunset on Dateland, but balanced with older material to satisfy their dedicated fans who crowded the stage. Flotard and guest bassist, Ronnie Barnett (current Muffs bassist), punked up the pop tracks with screaming riffs and lots of head banging. I was afraid that there may be no in between song chatter as the band seemlessly ended one song and went right into the next. They did take a couple of pauses eventually--long enough for Flotard to share her story about getting into a fight at Velvet Lounge with a jam band that was on the bill with Visqueen. She also gushed about her favorite movie ever, Welcome to the Doll House, and the headliners of the evening, Shonen Knife.

You can buy Sunset on Dateland here, which I highly recommend that you do. Definitely catch this band the next time they're in town.

  More Fun with Doves
In addition to having a chance to win an awesome Doves prize pack from the bluestate Web site, you can stop by Cafe Saint-Ex next Wednesday night for Doves giveaways all evening. Plus, you can have fun hanging out with your bluestate buddies.

  Visqueen Tonight!
Don't miss Visqueen at Black Cat tonight. I saw them at Velvet Lounge a few months ago and they were great. Download "Blue" here.
  Secret Machines w/Autolux and Moving Units
The Autolux/Moving Units/Secret Machines show at 9:30 last night was all about the lights. Autolux had these cool square light panels on stage during their set. Moving Units made an attempt with a nice light show, but fell short (as did their performance). Secret Machines went all out by painting the smoke-filled venue with a rainbow of lights throughout their set. That definitely worked well with their hypnotic, at times trance-like, beats. That was the first time I had seen them live and was not at all disappointed. Pics of Autolux and Secret Machines below.
  Awesome bluestate Prize
Be sure to check out the super Doves prize pack over at bluestate. The prize pack includes a hat, Some Cities 7", poster and digi CD with a documentary, video and photo gallery. Enter by Wednesday.
  The Bravery
I'm really looking forward to the Bravery show at Black Cat on the 10th. Check out their new video for "An Honest Mistake" here. Their debut, self-titled album will be in stores on March 29th.
  More iPod Jukebox Press
Fox 5 Morning News did a piece on the monthly iPod Jukebox night at Saint-Ex this morning. I'm happy that the night has gotten so much recognition in the press lately, but I hope that it doesn't get too packed on those nights now. The iPod nights are a lot of fun and I really like the crowd they've drawn in the past. I'll check it out on the 9th to see what impact the stories have had.
  SXSW Downloads
Not heading to the biggest red state of them all for the SXSW festivals and conferences? Well, you can still take a listen to the music you'll miss by downloading mp3s from the 700+ bands here. (Beware: some of the links didn't work for me, but most seem to be okay).
Pictures of concerts, travels and daily life. All photos taken with a Canon PowerShot A75 unless noted otherwise.

That's me spinning at bluestate (photo credit: BV).



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