Smell Ya Later, Job
You know what's awesome? Quitting one's job. And what's more awesome than that? Not having another job to start. That's right. I gave my notice yesterday. In just a few short weeks, I shall be unemployed. I realized awhile ago that a 9 to 5 job was not for me. At least, not the 9 to 5 work I had been doing. About a year or so ago I decided that I wanted to seriously persue my dream job of being a travel writer. I published a couple of articles, but wasn't really going anywhere with that goal. I decided that I needed to quit my job and get out there and travel for a couple of months to jumpstart my travel writing career. So, that's what I'm doing this summer. I saved my money and am now planning two trips--one to New England and Nova Scotia and the other to Scandinavia. After that, I'll hang with the family in Florida and will decide what my next step will be. It took me a long time and a lot of fretting to get to this point. But now that I've given notice and am making real plans to move on, I am so happy and excited about my decision. I know that it won't be easy, but I know that it's the right thing for me to do.

So, anyone have recommendations for must-sees or must-dos in the land of the Vikings?
  Cinco de Mayo
Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the next bluestate party, but y'all should definitely go. Drink a margarita for me.
Garbage put on a fantastic show at 9:30 last night. Check out NM's pics here. There was a bit of drama as the band finished the third song in their encore, "Sex is not the Enemy," and Shirley Manson pulled down her shirt to flash the audience her chest that was covered in a flesh-covered wrap. Three uniformed police officers walked on stage, pulled her off and announced that the show was over. Most of the audience (inlcuding myself) stood staring at the stage for a few moments all seeming to wonder "WTF? Was that real?" Seeing how there was a video production crew there, I figured that it was part of whatever they were filming. NM told me later on that they were there to shoot a video for "Sex is not the Enemy." I knew those cops were too hot to be part of DC's finest.
Hooray! The Washington National mascot was revealed at RFK on Sunday afternoon. I’m not sure about the name “Screech.” I had so much fun at the game. Everyone was really into the team. I can’t wait to go again next month.

After the game, I headed to the Mall. I knew that there was an exhibit I wanted to see at the National Gallery, but couldn’t remember which one. I started in the West Gallery and wandered into the Rembrandt exhibit. I do like the Dutch art, but once I got in there, I was pretty sure that I hadn’t made a mental note to check out the religious portraits. I walked over to the East Gallery and saw signs for the Toulouse-Lautrec and Montmartre exhibit—“Yes! That’s what I wanted to see.” As it was almost 5pm on a Sunday (and probably the fact that tourists are not all that into an exhibit about decadence, Absinthe and sex workers), there was no line. I decided to get an audio tour, something that I normally don’t do, but figured that I would probably really like this exhibit and would appreciate the extra tidbits I’d learn from the tour. I highly recommend this exhibit for anyone who is interested in marketing and, obviously, the bohemian scene in late 19th-century Paris. Get the audio tour, as well. There are some extras, including a recording of one of Yvette Guilbert’s performances as you walk around the gallery displaying various posters advertising her shows.

Thanks to everyone who came out to bluestate on Saturday night. The crowd was great—I enjoyed hanging out with my friends and meeting new ones. My set sorta turned into 80s night by the end. The kids on the dance floor were really digging the Duran Duran and Depeche Mode songs I had planned to play, so I figured that I would throw in some more dance goodies, like Joy Division and Iggy Pop, to keep them moving. I was happy to see that people were also enjoying some of the new-ish tunes I played, like 33Hz, Maximo Park and Of Montreal. You can check out bluestate next month at Chief Ike’s and Café Saint-Ex.
This is the post where I hype all the bluestate stuff going on. Ready? Here we go . . .

--Totally awesome contest: grand prize is a weekend trip to NYC to see Brazilian Girls, first prize is an iPod Shuffle and the first 5,000 entrants get a sample CD (yeah, I can't believe we're giving this stuff away either--I wish I could enter).

--Enter to win the Sights' self-titled CD in the bluestate weekly contest.

--bluestate is on for Saturday night at Black Cat backstage! Hope to see all y'all there. Check out the love we're getting from City Paper and Express.
For those who missed Bloc Party last weekend at Black Cat, you'll get another chance to catch the band at 9:30 Club on June 16.

Yes, it's sad that the Delgados are no more. If you're really longing for them, check out former Delgados drummer Paul Savage's new album with Malcolm Middleton, Into the Woods. Here's an mp3 from the album: "A Happy Medium".

Don't forget to stop by Saint-Ex tonight to celebrate iPod Jukebox's first birthday--they promise treats.

Today is your last day to enter bluestate's contest for Dizzie Rascal's Showtime CD and T-shirt. You can get more free stuff from bluestate by swinging by Black Cat this Saturday from 9:30 - 2:00.
  Washington's Most Loathsome
Who are the most loathsome people in our nation's capital? Check out DCSOB for the complete list.

While you're clickin' around, don't forget to go on over to bluestate to see what we're giving away this week.
  My Mood=Blah
Sorry for being a bad blogger and not posting frequently. My ennui flared up last week and doesn't show signs of going away any time soon. I thought the nice weather on Wednesday would scare it away, but that didn't happen. I don't like to post when I'm having the ennui because, you know, I don't really care about anything at the time, so that doesn't make for interesting reading. I hope to shake it soon.

If you don't have tix to bloc party, you should check out Jinxed at Twelve this Saturday. I hear good stuff about them.

Here are a couple of shots from my West Virginia trip last weekend. The first is a window display from The R.A.G. Shop, one of the few stores open after 5pm in Berkeley Springs. The next is the local Food Lion's impressive display of chewing tobacco and snuff. The last is George Washington's bath tub at Berkeley Springs State Park.

  Dig It

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That's me spinning at bluestate (photo credit: BV).



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