bluestate Highlights
As usual, I was all nervous before bluestate, but ended up having a lot of fun. Here are the highlights:

1. During our joint set, NM and I played Spandau Ballet's "True."
2. NM accidently turned the sound system off with her boob while in the middle of her set.
3. A bar brawl resulted from a heated discussion about the proper use of apostrophes between Fletcher from DCaffeinated and half of bluestate.

And while I was chatting with DCist Rob, I learned about the D1/D2 Hotties buzz I missed earlier this month. Fascinating. I hope people think I'm one of the D1/D2 Hotties.
  Three More Days
The anxiety about not having a full-time income has started to wane and is being replaced by happiness and excitement about what will happen over the next few months. Now that I only have three days left of work, the reality of my decision to leave has sunk in. I'm starting to do the things you do when you leave a job--say good-bye to people who are taking off early for a Memorial Day vacation, clean, train the new person, etc. I'm really leaving. And I'm very happy.

My focus has now switched from work and grant deadlines to trip research and figuring out what to do with my stuff while I'm gone. AG's posts about his trip has helped to get me in the traveling state of mind. As has the Washington Post's Finland Blog. I've also been revisiting a couple of chapters from Peat O'Neil's Travel Writing book. It was the course I took from her that pushed me into taking some concrete steps toward writing about travel. She provides some great advice about writing in her book. And she's a totally cool lady. I want to be her when I grow up.
  Trying to catch up
My second-to-last week of work has not been the celebratory goof-off fest that I’d hope it to be. Unfortunately, I had a federal grant proposal due on Friday, so spent most of the week dealing with that. One more deadline next week, then I’m free. Hooray!

Now that I’m a week away from having lots of time on my hands, I’m starting to pay attention to what’s going on in the city again. Here are a couple of suggestions for the near future:

ArtDC group show—opens tonight at 7981 Eastern Ave in Silver Spring. Runs through June 17
Fake Accents at Warehouse Next Door
(and don’t forget to set your DVR for SNL—skeletal Lohan hosts)

bluestate at Café Saint-Ex

Oktbrwrld at Yuca

Here’s a quick overview of last week:

Saturday: Eastern Market to sell my prints
Sunday: Nats game at RFK (the most exciting part was when BV said “okay, this next hit is going to be a home run.” And then it was the only home run of the game. BV is, like, scary psychic or something.)
Monday: work late
Tuesday: patio party at Helix with free mango margaritas and snacky things
Wednesday: work late
Thursday: work late
Friday: collapse in front of the TV
  The Next bluestate
Don't forget to stop by Cafe Saint-Ex on Tuesday, May 24, for bluestate. We're hosting not one, but two record releases.

  33Hz and the Information
As Ms. Seeking Irony said what I would have said about the show last night, I’ll just quote her so that I can save my time for more important activities (like eating free Frostys).

33Hz were not at all what I expected. Their nouveau-disco sound reminds me of the Scissor Sisters, so I was expecting the band to be, well, gayer. While I can't vouch for the sexuality of any of the four guys in the band, I can say that they didn't seem at all image-conscious, dressed in fairly plain jeans and T-shirts sort of outfits. The lead singer was even wearing a puffy vest, which I associate with A&F frat-boy types, although I know hipsters wear them too. So it was quite a disconnect between image and sound when they started performing, because they sound just as slick and glam as they do on the tracks I’d heard. Lots of falsettos, lots of funky bass, all sorts of fun synth effects. I hadn't heard more than a few songs, so it was really a treat to get to hear a lot of their material – the stuff that isn't straight-up disco is very sexy, "lay your woman down by the fire and make sweet, sweet love" stuff. And the band knows it, introducing their slower songs as "for the ladies." Oh, and there was a keytar involved.

Here are more of my pics:

The 33Hz keytar player

The Information

More Information
  Free Frosty Weekend!
Wendy's is giving away free delicious Frostys all weekend. You know what's yummy? Dipping Wendy's fries into a Frosty. Mmmmm. I wonder how many free Frostys I can consume this weekend? I bet six. When I was eight or nine, there was some random restaurant that had free sundaes all day one day. I had five. Then I got rather sick. But it was totally worth it.
  Catching Up on My Blog Reading
Seeking Irony's post about the new single from Gorillaz, "Feel Good Inc.," reminded me that I've been meaning to post a link to that video. I watch it at least twice a day. I got all disappointed one morning last week when I was flipping through my various MTV channels hoping to see the video, but when I stumbled upon it, the video was ending. Luckily, I was able to assuage my disappointment by heading to my computer and quickly finding a link on the Internet. Here it is: Gorillaz, "Feel Good Inc." Video.

I can't wait to start documenting my days of unemployment as DCSOB has started doing this week. However, I hope that I don't run into quite as much trouble as he has over his first three days of a life without a job.

Don't forget to enter this week's bluestate contest.
  Tunes This Week
I'm going to do my best to make it to iPod Jukebox at Cafe Saint-Ex on Wednesday night--let's hope my deadlines don't get out of control. Thursday night is 33Hz at DC9. Check out their new Web site. They have a couple more tracks from their new album available as streams.
  Hippie Weekend
I'm very sorry that I will miss hanging out with all my bluestate and DCist buddies tomorrow night at the big Cinco de Mayo happy hour. You should definitely go in my place. Instead of dancing and drinking margaritas, I'll be frantically finishing matting prints and packing camping gear for my weekend at the Susquehanna Music and Arts Festival. I'm hoping for good weather and lots of people who want buy limited-edition Polaroid image transfer prints. Should be fun checking out the other vendors and music acts--Dar Williams, Kate McDonnell and Michael McNevin to name a few. Yeah, that's right. I'm hanging out with the folk music-lovin' hippies this weekend.

As I was spacing out on the D1 this morning and thinking about my upcoming trips, I wondered if there were any good choices out there on the Internet for mp3 city audio tours. I thought it would be cool to download a bunch of tours for a particular area that one planned on travelling to and have them easily available on one's iPod. Then I thought that it would be an excellent idea for DCist and all the other -ists blogs to create audio tours for the cool neighborhoods in each blog's city and post them as free mp3s. They could include tours that focus on music, politics, the arts, etc. and include interesting tidbits that the -ist writers would know and that probably would not be included in most mainstream tours. So, that was my idea. Doesn't actually help me out out since there's no Middle-of-Nowhere-Maineist or Fjordlandist. Anyone know of good sources for free or cheap mp3 audio tours of places in the U.S. and/or Europe to download?
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That's me spinning at bluestate (photo credit: BV).



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